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As with the habitats, the birdlife here is exceptionally varied. In the middle of the lake you will often see flocks of pelicans and the pink-shading of distant flamingos, whilst the margins and floodplains feed innumerable herons, egrets, stilts, stalks, spoonbills and other waders. With so much water around, the woodlands are equally productive, but it’s the evergreen forests where you will spot some more entertaining species such as the noisy silvery-cheeked hornbills, crowned eagles and crested guinea fowl.


Set beneath the spectacular backdrop of the Great Rift Valley’s steep western escarpment, thislong, narrow park protects am area between the escarpment and Lake Manyara. The parks namesake is a shallow, alkaline lake which expands and contracts with the seasons within a long, silvery bowl of salt deposits. Adjacent to it are wide, grassy floodplains and, further away, bands of mixed acacia evergreen forests, which are sustained by perennial groundwater springs issuing from the base of the escarpment.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority

World renowned as a place of absolute wonder, Ngorongoro Crater is dramatically beautiful, and often referred at the 8th world wonder of the world. Ngorongoro Crater is the permanent home of nearly 25000 animals with ideal game viewing opportunities all year round.

The Ngorongoro Crater is the best place in Tanzania to see the ‘Big Five’ and is an absolutely beautiful place to be on safari. Unavoidably, the Ngorongoro Crater is busy, at times very busy, but given it is one of the world’s most amazing natural wonders, it is going to be busy. However, due to the crowds we recommend a 2 night stay only, after that the safari time should be spent it the Serengeti.The advantage of staying at a hotel on the crater rim is the view, the advantage of staying away from the crater at nearby Karatu is that there are less people around, the lodges are smaller and more personal offering a range of activities such as walking and mountain biking.

The Ngorongoro Crater and surrounding highlands are one of Africa’s most beautiful regions.Volcanic craters from stunning backdrops to some of the richest grazing grounds in Africa. The most famous is without question the Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest intact volcanic caldera; home to the highest density of big game in Africa. With 600-metre-high walls and a rich volcanic floor that plays host to the big five, the Ngorongoro is one of the continent’s most famous safari destinations.

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